On Chapman’s Homer’s Iliad

Here are listed my commentaries so far on the Iliad of Homer, in the translation of George Chapman.

  1. Book Α
  2. Book Β
  3. Book Γ
  4. Book Δ
  5. Book Ε
  6. Book Ζ
  7. Book Η
  8. Book Θ
  9. Book Ι

There is more discussion of the project in the commentary on the first book and on Books VI, VII, and VIII. To say I have a project is questionable. I expect to work my way through the 24 books of the Iliad, summarizing what happens, noting what seems worth noting. I have no schedule for finishing. In the past, I have read the whole epic in a week or two; now a book a week seems a good maximum speed.

I am reading the print edition of Allardyce Nicoll, who preserves most of Chapman’s spelling. I have also the Wordsworth Classics edition, edited by Adam Roberts: this has modernized spelling, but lacks Chapman’s commentaries and marginal notes. An advantage of Roberts’s edition is that Chapman’s verses actually fit the available text width; in the Nicoll edition, to make space for the marginal notes, the available width for Chapman’s verses has been narrowed; thus many of these verses must be broken. At least Chapman’s marginal notes are there: they are useful for an overview. Physically, the Princeton paperback version of Nicoll’s edition is of better quality.

For quoting, I cut and paste from preexisting electronic versions, of which I make my own edition; this has modernized spelling.

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