Being hosted by, and thus using the content management system, this blog has posts, pages, and media. You are now reading a post, as you can tell from its having an initial publication date in its address (as well as somewhere at the bottom). The contents of any post may still change. I mean to use this one as a directory for my pages and verbal media (namely pdf files).

In principle, all of my posts can be seen at, in reverse chronological order. I have them listed in forward order, by year, on my About page. As I explain there, I try to keep track of posts with tags and categories. Moreover, if one post revisits a theme of another post, I try to link to that post. Every post shows (at the bottom) which other posts are linked to it.

A dream, never to be realized, would be to have all of my ideas as well-organized as in Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus.

I don’t know how the random visitor can find my pages, although search engines find at least some of them. Much less do I know how one would find my media, although the media allowed by WordPress now include pdf files. I have uploaded a number of these, and created a number of pages. In this post (which I hope to remember to keep up to date), I try to classify my pages and pdf files, if only to remind myself what they are.

It would be possible to have all top-level pages included automatically in the menu which now forms a horizontal list at the top of each post and page.

Here now is my directory, in the following sections:



Poetry, in the broad etymological sense of something made; call it conceptual art, or whatever you like, but it’s all referred to in the post “Discrete Logarithms”:



Pages describing (as well as listing) categories of posts


For my courses I normally prepare pages on my department’s server; but since I cannot access this from home, I may also use the blog.

  • Aksiyomatik Kümeler Kuramı Özeti (“summary of axiomatic set theory”: an attempt in fall 2019 to supply just that in html; I had not yet discovered the usefulness of pandoc as described in “LaTeX to HTML”)

  • Analitik Geometri Özeti (“summary of analytic geometry,” for a course in spring 2020; as the Covid-19 lockdown took hold, the page just became the course page)

  • Ordinal Analiz (“ordinal analysis,” that is, set theory with emphasis on the ordinals as a structure analogous to the linearly ordered set of real numbers studied in so-called real analysis; the post “Ordinals” also takes up the analogy; I made the page for a course in Şirince, in case I wanted to change the page while I was there, though in the event I didn’t; notes from the second week, in English, are on a departmental page, along with the syllabus for a summer course in 2020 that was cancelled)

  • Öklid (Resources for the course Öklid geometrisine giriş, “introduction to Euclidean geometry,” fall 2020)

  • Topoloji (homepage for a graduate topology course, fall 2020, with links to weekly notes in English. The notes are mostly in pdf format, for A6 paper in landscape orientation; but one week I used html)

  • Ayşe Berkman’ın yedek sayfasıdır (for her spring 2020 course during the lockdown)

Writing of others

Sometimes annotated by me:

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