Eastern Black Sea Yayla Tour

Here are some photos from our recent tour (July 21–29, 2018), in chronological order. More then ten times as many photos, along with a verbal account, not always in chronological order, are on a page of this website (as opposed to a post, like the present one); the page is called Karadeniz, which is the Turkish for Black Sea.

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  1. […] I write here in this blog, about the books of the Iliad, to take note of things worth noting. I suggested this while commenting on or summarizing Book VII. In writing on Book VIII, I noted the fantasy of the main and only character of Huysmans’s A rebours, to condense a novel into the beef essence of literature, namely the prose poem. A problem with this approach to a book is suggested in a tweet by a friend from our recent Black Sea trip: […]

  2. By Directory « Polytropy on October 26, 2020 at 1:36 pm

    […] “Karadeniz” (more on the 2018 trip summarized in “Eastern Black Sea Yayla Tour”) […]

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